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  1. Sundays Community Thursday - Harbour Nights Concert Series

    2024-05-23 21:36:56 UTC
    One of my favourite things about Owen Sound and area is its very healthy music scene. We have lots of opportunities to hear fabulous musicians at some great venues. But I also really like that the community hosts free musical events.   One such series is the Harbour Nights Concert Series…

  2. Northern Lights

    2024-05-13 21:09:31 UTC
    Another favourite from Friday night. This one was taken from Ainslie Wood looking across Georgian Bay towards Cobble Beach. The object in the water is the intake for the old Leith water system. I think there’s a bird sitting on it.

  3. Media Monday + In Search of Myself - Death, Part 1

    2024-05-13 14:45:07 UTC
    #MediaMonday - Seeing all the Aurora photos in my feed on Friday night/Saturday morning and then seeing the reactions (often negative) for the rest of the weekend, reminds me of another paradox I learned a long time ago.   The Paradox of Cool Hunting - Cool hunting involves finding what the…

  4. In Search of Myself - The ODD Me

    2024-05-06 21:57:42 UTC
    In this episode, I talk about how O.D.D., schooling, paradoxical thinking and great literature have made me. And I try something new.

  5. Media Monday - Truth and Falsity in Images

    2024-05-06 17:18:16 UTC
    Something I learned while teaching my Media Literacy course is that our minds have a much more difficult time dealing with images than the written word as there is no truth or falsity in an image. Which is why much of our modern advertising (and now memes) are image-based rather…

  6. Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

    2024-05-05 16:42:43 UTC
    Some people tell me I talk about death too much. But how can we appreciate life if we don’t acknowledge that we are all going to die I was reminded of the precariousness of our lives a couple times this week. I lost a relative who lived a good, long…

  7. Sunday’s Community Thursday - The Chi-Cheemaun

    2024-05-02 21:19:55 UTC
    Today, the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun left Owen Sound for her summer home in Tobermory.  I decided to try to get some shots from Leith this year and I love the first photo I took as it shows how big the boat is while also showing how it’s dominated by the landscape.…

  8. The Forest Behind Us Has Come Alive

    2024-04-30 23:53:27 UTC
    And my chair is still waiting by the creek.

  9. In Search Of Myself - Episode 3 - The Shitty Me

    2024-04-30 15:49:30 UTC
    Today I talk about when I feel down I should have mentioned a few other things in the video…but maybe the most important one is that I avoid things or put things off when I feel down. Which is why I felt it was important that I post this video…

  10. Media Monday - Ontario’s Cell Phone and Vape Ban

    2024-04-29 16:03:53 UTC
    Vaping and Smartphone ban As a newly retired teacher, I can already predict there will be some who say I am out of touch, but as I experienced the slow creep of cellphones and vaping into my classroom/school and because I touched on both in what I taught in my…

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