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  1. Media Monday - “The Media Have Commercial Implications”

    2024-02-12 22:57:26 UTC
    This week’s #MediaMonday is now up. In this week’s edition of Media Monday I talk about money and its effects on which stories get told, how they get told and how they are shared. I also talk about how most of our media is owned by a few giant corporations…

  2. Goodbye, Trees

    2024-02-10 19:34:07 UTC
    Yesterday was a tough day around our place. For over 20 years, we were lucky to have the run of the acreage next to us. Last year it was sold and yesterday the new owners started the building process by clearing the forest. We understand why they have to do…

  3. Chi-Cheemaun

    2024-02-08 19:14:21 UTC
    I couldn’t resist pulling over and getting this shot as I headed for Cobble beach early yesterday morning.

  4. Wednesday Wisdom

    2024-02-08 19:12:13 UTC
    I’m going to start adding some of my writing to my posts occasionally, as it’s really all good noise. And it’s what I do. Below is my first.Wednesday Wisdom If you feel down about the state of the world or depressed because life isn’t fair, rather than following the same…

  5. Media Monday - “Audiences Negotiate Meaning in Media Messages”

    2024-02-05 22:40:53 UTC
    In this week’s Media Monday video I explain how two people can watch the same piece of media and have two very different reactions, the dangers of irony and levels of meaning in “Apocalypse Now”. I also include a “rude” (depending on your negotiated meaning) example of parody from Austin…

  6. Sunshine On Leith!

    2024-02-03 16:53:53 UTC
    Hello, Sun! So nice to see the long shadows of Leith, Ontario again.

  7. Media Monday - “The Media Construct (Versions of) Reality”

    2024-01-30 15:37:19 UTC
    In this week’s Media Monday video, I discuss the idea that the media, rather than we ourselves, construct our reality. I explain how these constructed messages have attitudes, interpretations and conclusions built in. I question whether the word “real” can ever be applied to the media. And I agree (sort…

  8. Media Monday - “All Media Are Constructions”

    2024-01-23 01:13:09 UTC
    Media Monday Video #2 is now live. In it, I discuss the first key concept of media literacy which is the idea that ALL, I repeat, ALL media are constructions, including Facebook, YouTube, the video and this post:) Hope you’ll give it a watch and let me know what you…

  9. Media Monday - “To a fish, water is invisible.”

    2024-01-18 14:03:10 UTC
    I’ve finally started making some videos I’ve been planning for quite a while now.  The first series is called “Media Mondays” and, when completed, will summarize the 8 concepts I taught in my English Media class.  If you understand and apply these 8 concepts to all the media you consume…

  10. Snowsquall Drive

    2024-01-14 19:26:33 UTC
    Went to town this morning.  Drive in was fine, but started getting progressively worse the more south I got.  Probably explains why all the highways south of us are closed.  

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