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  1. In Search Of Myself - Episode 2 - Seeking What?

    2024-04-29 16:00:52 UTC
    Today I talk a little about what and why I am “searching” or “seeking.”

  2. In Search Of Myself - Episode 1

    2024-04-26 16:27:28 UTC
    Today I started something new - a video series/podcast called “In Search of Myself”. The goal of the series is to learn more about who I am while maybe encouraging others to do the same. In the first episode, I introduce why I feel compelled to do this and who…

  3. Sunday’s Community Thursday - Earth Day 2024

    2024-04-25 21:38:09 UTC
    This past Saturday, April 20th, the Owen Sound and area community came together to celebrate our Earth.  Above are my photos from the parade featuring the Sauntering Band from Durham and a few presentations before and after.  You can also see the photos while hearing some of the parade in…

  4. Sunday Morning Musings - A Community of Trees

    2024-04-21 16:50:46 UTC
    You know how once you become aware of something, you see it everywhere?  Like when we bought our new to us car not so long ago, I started seeing the same model of car everywhere.  Well, community was like that for me this week.  It’s been on my mind a…

  5. Sunday’s Community Thursday

    2024-04-18 19:23:23 UTC
    Sunday’s Community Thursday! Owen Sound and area has been very good to me. Because of this, much of what I do is an attempt to share my love for this community. And because of my photography and writing I’ve come to an even better understanding of how important community is…

  6. Backyard Signs of Spring

    2024-04-15 00:30:08 UTC
    Pay attention.Be astonished.Tell about it. - Mary Oliver

  7. The Eclipse

    2024-04-13 00:11:14 UTC
    Okay. Here is my favourite eclipse photo that I took - you’re going to have to click on it to see the eclipses as it is very tall. I originally wasn’t going to share it because it’s a little too computer generated for me. It’s actually 2 photos, each one…

  8. The Cheech

    2024-04-11 23:16:02 UTC
    A welder does some minor repairs on the Chi-Cheemaun today. I love the improvised rain shield. I wrote a piece for Escarpment Magazine on the Chi-Cheemaun . I haven’t got my hands on a hard copy yet, but the digital version is here. The first photo, that extends across two…

  9. Spring

    2024-04-07 23:44:07 UTC
    My favourite thing about spring hikes is being reminded how quickly nature returns.

  10. 2016 Ice Storm

    2024-03-29 23:42:50 UTC

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