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  1. Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

    2024-05-05 16:42:43 UTC

    Some people tell me I talk about death too much. But how can we appreciate life if we don’t acknowledge that we are all going to die I was reminded of the precariousness of our lives a couple times this week. I lost a relative who lived a good, long…

  2. Sunday Morning Musings From The Thought Tub

    2024-03-10 15:20:09 UTC

    There are a lot of “C” words that are connected to being a good teacher (and maybe a good human being?) - compassion, courage, cooperation, community. But the most important, in my opinion, is curiosity. Holding on to your curiosity in the face of the many forces, including school, that…

  3. Wednesday Wisdom

    2024-02-08 19:12:13 UTC

    I’m going to start adding some of my writing to my posts occasionally, as it’s really all good noise. And it’s what I do. Below is my first.Wednesday Wisdom If you feel down about the state of the world or depressed because life isn’t fair, rather than following the same…

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