Goodbye, Trees

Yesterday was a tough day around our place. For over 20 years, we were lucky to have the run of the acreage next to us. Last year it was sold and yesterday the new owners started the building process by clearing the forest. We understand why they have to do it, but it was still hard to see so many old, majestic trees whose company we’ve enjoyed come down.

Of course, there was also the feeling that we were losing some privacy and shelter from the world around us as we can now see our neighbours if we try hard enough.

However, this was also a good lesson for me, as my daily sit included this reflection from Sam Harris on negative visualization (I am paraphrasing):

Identify your lowest moment in the day and reflect on how much worse things could be. And consider all the people who would think their prayers were answered if they could change places with you.

So, I did this. And I imagined having a conversation with them. And thought that after I had explained what was happening yesterday, they would probably respond with some of the following:

- “You have acreage?”

- “You have a house?”

- “You have privacy?”

- “You have trees?”

“We are so lucky to get another day to live on this earth. Enjoy it!”

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