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  1. Media Monday - “The Media Construct (Versions of) Reality”

    2024-01-30 15:37:19 UTC

    In this week’s Media Monday video, I discuss the idea that the media, rather than we ourselves, construct our reality. I explain how these constructed messages have attitudes, interpretations and conclusions built in. I question whether the word “real” can ever be applied to the media. And I agree (sort…

  2. Media Monday - “To a fish, water is invisible.”

    2024-01-18 14:03:10 UTC

    I’ve finally started making some videos I’ve been planning for quite a while now.  The first series is called “Media Mondays” and, when completed, will summarize the 8 concepts I taught in my English Media class.  If you understand and apply these 8 concepts to all the media you consume…

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