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  1. Media Monday - “Form and Content Are Closely Related in Media Messages”

    2024-03-11 21:16:31 UTC

    This week I explain Marshall McLuhan’s idea that “the medium is the message” - that each medium can report the same story but create very different impressions. I also explain how this idea is helpful in understanding how other things work, including school. A place where how we do things…

  2. Media Monday - “The Media Have Social and Political Implications”

    2024-03-10 15:12:13 UTC

    In this week’s video, I discuss the role media plays in electing our leaders and how media involves us in issues around the world - Marshall McLuhan’s “Global Village”. I also try to explain how this concept and the last one work together in something called the “feedback loop”.

  3. Media Monday - “The Media Contain Ideological and Value Messages”

    2024-02-27 21:20:39 UTC

    After taking a week off, #MediaMonday Concept 5 is now up. In it, I discuss how the media reflects and reinforces our worldview, something that is more of a problem today when people choose to create an echo chamber.P.S. I recored the video twice, as I forgot to unmute my…

  4. Media Monday - “The Media Have Commercial Implications”

    2024-02-12 22:57:26 UTC

    This week’s #MediaMonday is now up. In this week’s edition of Media Monday I talk about money and its effects on which stories get told, how they get told and how they are shared. I also talk about how most of our media is owned by a few giant corporations…

  5. Media Monday - “Audiences Negotiate Meaning in Media Messages”

    2024-02-05 22:40:53 UTC

    In this week’s Media Monday video I explain how two people can watch the same piece of media and have two very different reactions, the dangers of irony and levels of meaning in “Apocalypse Now”. I also include a “rude” (depending on your negotiated meaning) example of parody from Austin…

  6. Media Monday - “All Media Are Constructions”

    2024-01-23 01:13:09 UTC

    Media Monday Video #2 is now live. In it, I discuss the first key concept of media literacy which is the idea that ALL, I repeat, ALL media are constructions, including Facebook, YouTube, the video and this post:) Hope you’ll give it a watch and let me know what you…

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