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  1. Deep Dark Night

    2024-02-27 21:34:15 UTC

    I did some things I don’t normally do on Saturday night. I ventured out on my own. To an all vinyl dance night. The DJ’s were two former students. I was likely the oldest person there. And I danced. And I sat. And I watched the psychedelic light show. And…

  2. Media Monday - “The Media Contain Ideological and Value Messages”

    2024-02-27 21:20:39 UTC

    After taking a week off, #MediaMonday Concept 5 is now up. In it, I discuss how the media reflects and reinforces our worldview, something that is more of a problem today when people choose to create an echo chamber.P.S. I recored the video twice, as I forgot to unmute my…

  3. Media Monday - “The Media Have Commercial Implications”

    2024-02-12 22:57:26 UTC

    This week’s #MediaMonday is now up. In this week’s edition of Media Monday I talk about money and its effects on which stories get told, how they get told and how they are shared. I also talk about how most of our media is owned by a few giant corporations…

  4. Media Monday - “To a fish, water is invisible.”

    2024-01-18 14:03:10 UTC

    I’ve finally started making some videos I’ve been planning for quite a while now.  The first series is called “Media Mondays” and, when completed, will summarize the 8 concepts I taught in my English Media class.  If you understand and apply these 8 concepts to all the media you consume…

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